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About time I changed my company website – part 1

August 17, 2006

When I started my IT consultancy business I quickly set-up a holding page to make sure I had some web presence with the intention of doing something “proper” when I had the spare time. Well that was 3rd August 2002 and its still there 😦

Gosh doesn’t time fly!    Anyway I have made two very minor amendments today

  1. removed my mailto contact email to reduce those web scrapers getting it and sending spam to me
  2. added Google Analytics to site

I do get access logs from my hosting company which I could analyse thru something like Analog but I thought I give analytics a go.

I’m sure Google must use analytics to help with their search engine ratings…. so my first thought was this could only be useful for my company site. However after further thoughts I’m a bit worried that with my site not having many visits it might actually be detrimental 😦

Anyway lets suck it and see.

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