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Onwards & upwards….

December 11, 2006

OK back now from my blogging hiatus.

Over next few weeks & months (and who knows even years!) I’m going to blog a lot about my new Intel 24inch iMac. Previously I used a Linux workstation (RedHat 9) alongside my Powerbook G4 (running Panther). I did all my emails, surfing & home stuff on the laptop…. and left the workstation to do all my application development and I.T. consultancy work (local or via SSH to clients machines).

I was getting a bit of a neck ache to say the least working on two machines so I wanted to have just one machine sitting on my desk… hence the iMac. Did ponder about getting a MacPro at one point but dithered long enough for the 24inch iMac to appear and snapped up within weeks of it being available.

It’s a lovely beast of a machine. I’ve been using it for a couple of months now so there might be a few things I want to go back to and blog on at some point (if I can remember what and how I did it at the time!).

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