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My workspace… with my shiny new Apple iMac

December 14, 2006
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Below is a pic of my brand spanking new iMac sitting on my desk.

My workspace & iMac

I went for a 2.16Ghz (Intel Core 2 Duo) model because didn’t think the 2.33Ghz would really provide much of speed increase for the extra expense. However I did go for more memory and upgraded the vid card to Nvidia GeForce 7600 (256mb) because this should provide some extra umpf. Would have liked to have gone for 3gb memory upgrade but that was just too expensive… so upgraded to 2gb.

The cost saved on getting this iMac compared to the MacPro allowed me to also buy two external hard disks & a 80gb iPod and still have change left in my pocket 🙂

This Mac flies and leaves my Powerbook G4 for dead. It even feels much faster than my Linux workstation (two AMD CPU 2.0Ghz with 1gb memory).

Now to start tailoring my iMac to fit into my daily work & home needs.

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