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Using an UPS with Apple iMac

December 20, 2006
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Always used an Unlimited Power Supply (UPS) with the Linux servers/workstations I’ve had so it was a no-brainer to continue this practise with my Mac.

I’ve always stuck with APC when it comes to an UPS and they’ve never let me down. Needed one with a USB connection so went with a Back UPS ES 500.

I was expecting to continue to use PowerChute to manage the controlled shutdowns. However I noticed some chatter and such which mentioned that MacOSX Tiger had UPS functionality already embedded.

So plugged in the UPS and switched on the iMac and hey presto the battery icon automagically appeared!…. ups-0

So no need to have Tiger server and no need to muck around with core services. A dropdown appeared under “Energy Saver” providing a UPS option….

And only did a few changes to the defaults……

And we were good to go….

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