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Google Reader update (for iPhone)

July 15, 2008

I’ve been using Google Reader to do all my RSS feeds on my iPod Touch for quite a while now and find this a much better experience than reading on a computer (especially if u have lots of RSS feeds like me!).

Up till now this as been using the generic mobile version of Google Reader… thus all websites have been nicely squashed down to just readable text & essential images (getting rid of logos & formatting).

Recently Google Reader introduced a iPhone beta version. I tried it but didn’t like it compared to what I had. However they’ve now updated Google Reader so now this is the default for iPhone & iPod Touch ;-(

Anyway been using for past 2-3 days and have actually got use to it and now find it better than mobile version.

However it would be nice if all RSS subscriptions I have published the (main) content within the feed. In particular I’m looking at you Perlmonks ;-(

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