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Another London Perl Mongers tech talk

April 22, 2009

Bit like buses…. you wait for one and then two come along together 😉

Set at the shiny Factset offices in bustling Liverpool Street the room provided less space compared to last time (mainly because of large boardroom table!) but was still full to the rafters with around 20+ mongers sitting on very comfortable reclining leather chairs (probably too comfy and too reclining!)

The talks that caught my eyes the most were….

I have been following Ovid blog articles on this recently so I knew what was coming but it was still a tour de force presentation by the man.

With Java it was interesting to know the limitations that currently exist in jRuby & Jython and that OpenJKD7 (next version Java/JVM) would introduce “invokedynamic” which would really make these languages start to shine on JVM.

This looks like a very good time for Perl to jump on the Java/JVM gravy train!

And I see there as been a good discussion about this talk in Ovid’s use.perl journal. Its amazing what comes out of the “woodwork” because Language::P is something I never heard off before and does look very interesting. NB. Think of it has PyPy for Perl… so that should be pLpL, plpl or PlPl 😉


PS. Recommendation for future talks…. make sure there is a break in the middle. I think having a couple of Abbot Ale’s beforehand probably wasn’t a good idea 😦

Update: This “Less code” talks on the 16th April 2009 are now listed on tech talk page

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