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Squatting 0.60 hits CPAN

April 27, 2009

Hot on the hooves of Catalyst 5.8 (CataMoose) hitting CPAN came the latest version of Squatting (web microframework) following very close on its tail.

Here are some new things to look out for in latest Squatting…

Squatting::H is hash based object loosely based on Camping::H (Ruby). Here is an example from its pod to make you puurrrr a little πŸ˜‰

my $cat = Squatting::H->new({
    name => 'kurochan',
    meow => sub { "me" . "o" x length($_[0]->name) . "w" }

my $kitty = $cat->clone({ name => 'max' });

$cat->name;                     # "kurochan"
$kitty->name;                   # "max"
$cat->meow;                     # "meoooooooow"
$kitty->meow;                   # "meooow"
$cat->age(3);                   # 3
$kitty->age(2);                 # 2
$kitty->slots;                  # qw(name meow age)


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