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MooseX::SingletonMethod now on CPAN

July 15, 2009

So has promised or was it threatened I’ve packaged and uploaded MooseX::SingletonMethod to CPAN.

Here is the synopsis from the pod:

package Baz;
use Moose;
with 'MooseX::SingletonMethod::Role';
no Moose;

package main;
my $baz = Baz->new;
my $foo = Baz->new;

# add singleton method called "baz" just to $baz and not to Baz class
$baz->add_singleton_method( baz => sub { 'baz!' } ); 

say $baz->baz;   # => 'baz!'
say $foo->baz;   # ERROR: Can't locate object method "baz"....

MooseX is the namespace for adding extensions around Moose. Its the playground of future Moose features where modules get torn, beaten and bruised in a development rite of passage.

It would one day be nice to see MooseX::SingletonMethod features grow up and become part of standard Moose family πŸ™‚

MooseX::SingletonMethod can also be found in these exotic areas of the web:



PS. While sticking my flag into the MooseX::SingletonMethod namespace I noticed the following module by Simon Cozens:

I’m amazed this as passed me by especially has I first came to understand Singleton Methods from Simon’s excellent “Advanced Perl Programming” book. Just shows you how deep and diverse the CPAN universe is!

Update: Code now uses MX::SM::Role


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