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Changing MooseX::SingletonMethod (a little bit!)

July 31, 2009

It never quite sat comfortably with me that MooseX::SingletonMethod name didn’t convey the fact it was a Moose role and not a Moose class module. Other MooseX modules on CPAN showed there was no requirement to be succinct in this distinction.

Still having posted my last little ditty on having role attached to Moose I thought I make some slight amendments to MooseX::SingletonMethod module to pull this slightly annoying thorn from my paw.

Version 0.02 will soon be on CPAN and now works either of these ways:

package Baz;
use MooseX::SingletonMethod;
no MooseX::SingletonMethod;

or as a role:

package Baz;
use Moose;
with 'MooseX::SingletonMethod::Role';
no Moose;

Hate to change API but MX::SM is only a a few weeks old so I’m hopeful that the hordes of users that use this module will understand 😉


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