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Something for the Bank Holiday weekend

August 28, 2009
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Well if you’ve got nothing to do this long bank holiday weekend (UK hols) then you could enter the GitHub Contest. You’ve got till noon Sunday PST to enter your solution 😉

I’ve had this on my “interesting todo” list for a while now. Like a lot of things on that list which have deadlines they unfortunately tend get passed by 😦

I’ve made a promise to stay away from computer this bank holiday weekend. Shame because data munging with Perl is something I do enjoy doing.

There have been a few Perl solutions entered:

John Resig is a cheeky top score ditty 😉

Ultraist is currently 8th on the leaderboard with a much more complex solution.

I think this is currently the highest Perl entry…. so good luck Ultraist and all other Perl entries.


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