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A week is a long time in perlitics

September 6, 2009

Well my extended bank holiday weekend break turned into to be a nice long week away in the New Forest. So that’s a whole week without computers, internet and Perl πŸ˜‰

So on my return its nice to see a bustling RSS feed of Perl posts! In fact in quantity the Ironman feed out did the Ruby Corner feed I also subscribe to. Looks like a very vibrant community to me.

And its not just quantity because there have been some colourful posts while I’ve been away!….

  • Moose certainly claimed most of the headlines over past week! Moose brings a lot of enjoyment and productivity to my Perl but I’m pragmatic enough to know its not a panacea for all solutions (though I am dreaming of that day!).
  • RedHat “drops” from Perl on Fedora. A bit of unnecessary tap dancing going on with package naming methinks!
  • HTTP::Engine and PSGI. I have been playing with HTTP::Engine and had to overcome some stumbling blocks with streaming out dynamic data (that reminds me I need to do blog post on that!), so its going to be interesting to see what PSGI brings to the table.

    NB. Its also poignant to note that Pythonistas have recently expressed that WSGI isn’t necessary the definitive solution and have envious snake eyes on Ruby’s Rack.

  • So the Ironman badges are now available and I’m a…. Stone Man 😦

    Well at least I was when I checked yesterday because looking at it today and I see I’m now a Paper Man! sob!? Hmmm… well hopefully things will change after I make this post!

So whats been missed that I can add to the news:

  • GitHub contest is over. Its not clear yet but Ultraist Perl entry appears to have came 6th (with score of 2475) and could be the highest dynamic language solution. Well done Ultraist
  • Perl jumps up two places on Tiobe index to #6 (swapping places with Python).

    NB. And this as nothing to do with this because still shows same search figures. There have been some additions to cpantesters & perldoc sites which may have helped but I believe a lot of the difference can hopefully be attributed to Ironman and the resurgence in Perl blog posts. Well done everyone methinks!


PS. I’m not putting in Tiobe link…. I’m sure u can find it in Google quite easily πŸ˜‰

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