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Keeping to a schedule

December 13, 2009

When I made my Blogging Milestone post I decided to have a crack of writing Perl posts to a fixed schedule.

The Blogging Milestone post marked ten days since the previous post (ie. the Iron Man limit!). The following posts would continue to happen but reduced by a day each time. So next was 9 days later… then 8 days later… then 7 days later… until I reached zero days… my last post.

Phew… it did take a bit of effort to keep to a strict deadline but it is a good carrot & stick to keep you going!

Obviously I felt confident enough that I could do it (but not confident enough to announce that I was doing it!) and having lots of blog ideas written down + some partially composed ones does help 😉

For all those posters that are doing Perl advent calendars at the moment I know what you must be going through and my hats off to you all.


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