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First reported bug for one of my CPAN modules

February 21, 2010
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It should invoke some trepidation when seeing the first ever reported bug hitting your inbox. However it was the complete opposite because I got a nice warm feeling about the fact that something I’ve written is being used in the wild.

Still the bug(s) needs fixing and its understandable that prolific CPAN / opensource authors may get bogged down having to find time to fix bugs in heavily used projects.

Fortunate for me I only have a few CPAN modules at this time and I doubt they’re heavily used! Even more lucky that in this case the bug was only related to testing on Windows.

So if you’ve written software then you have bugs! Thus you need a good issue tracking system to keep a handle on things. Luckily CPAN comes with its own Request Tracker (RT) from Best Practical. My first reported bug came via this last week.

You can change your CPAN module page to point to any other issue tracker should you wish this (see part about amending your meta tag and also my old post on repo link). But I’m more than happy to go with RT and there maybe good reasons for doing this because it maybe better integrated into the CPAN toolchain (my PAUSE login worked with RT).

BTW, my testing with Windows issue is the usual pathname and EOL delimiter differences. Just because it leaves your box with 100% passes it would be silly to expect it arrives at someone else’s box the same πŸ™‚


PS. Related references:

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