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Been reddited

March 4, 2010
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Been very busy with work lately so it nearly slipped completely past me that I had a large spike in traffic to this blog last week with over 1200+ unique hits on one day.

The culprit: Reddit (Programming). My post Anyone for Perl 6 metaprogramming? had been posted there .

My first blog entry to make reddit *blush*

Glad it created enough stir, comments & even points (29 in total… 59 up & 30 down!). Unfortunately some of the commenters didn’t follow link on my page to previous post and so didn’t understand the full context (only 17 of the 1200+ reddit surge actually did click the said link).

Apart from quick scans to see if anything interesting is on Perl Reddit, I don’t go to Reddit anymore. I much prefer Hacker News. In fact its been so long that I couldn’t remember what my password was so I gave up even trying to leave a comment on the Reddit post 🙂


Update: Gosh I also nearly missed that it had been posted to Hacker News only few days later as well!

Update 2: Things go from weird to bizarre. You can now buy a T-shirt with my post title 🙂

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