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The unlikely intersection of Boy George and Damian Conway

March 21, 2010

The first Perl tech talk of 2010 occurred last week at the good old Aunty Beeb. The theme was “what’s new in Perl” and as per usual it was an enlightening and fun evening.

Even more so when one of the presentations was punctuated by loud cheers from the the ending of the The One Show, which was being broadcast live beneath our very feet. Unbeknown to me and probably most of the Perl mongers present was that Boy George was the star guest!

Still not to be out done the Perl talks were also ended on a triumphant high note with the announcement that the mad scientist of perl himself would be speaking at the next London tech talk!

Looking forward to that 🙂


PS. And if Damien Conway’s talk is even half as good as his classic OSCON 2008 talk then it will be an experience not to be missed.

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