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Caralyst 5.8: The Perl MVC Framework

April 19, 2010
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No you haven’t misread that and it isn’t a typo! You can see this new Perl book on sell at Amazon right now!


Above is my image capture for posterity. Here is the Amazon UK link of the book .

I suspect the morphed authors J; John, A Rockway maybe a bit miffed about this till Amazon fix it. At least the publishers didn’t make the same mistake when printing the book 🙂


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  1. April 19, 2010 4:43 pm

    Please avoid this book. Packt proved utterly useless as a publisher during the first edition, due to outsourced editing processes that required John to mail back word documents back and forth to somebody in a different timezone. They then proceeded to publish the wrong version of one of the chapters.

    The amount of hate mail John received as a result of their poor clue levels was a significant part of his decision to stop working on Catalyst core, and the person they got to update the book instead (since he refused to go near it, so far as I’m aware) was seen on IRC quite a lot over the past six months flailing over basic Catalyst stuff so the new material is probably awful as well.

    The only reason I, somebody who would much rather be hacking than writing, got involved in the Apress book was to ensure there was technical oversight so that we wouldn’t have another Packt debacle.

    Buy the Apress book instead – while they don’t pay a percentage of revenue to enlightened perl like Packt do for the Catalyst book, I’m donating my entire funds received from Apress to enlightened perl to make up for it (and have a $500 or so cheque sat at home that needs to go in shortly :).

    — mst

    • April 20, 2010 8:15 am

      Hi Matt,

      It seems all publishers of tech books (and perhaps all books?) do seem to provide a big bag of unnecessary hurt to the authors 😦

      I found this post What I’ve Earned (And Learned) From Writing “Beginning Ruby” to be very insightful on the whole book publishing process.


      BTW, anyone thinking of buying “Definitive Guide To Catalyst” by Matt et al, then please go to EPO website because I believe that the Amazon link from there is an affiliate link so even more money goes to enlightened perl.

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