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Podcasts & Perl

April 30, 2010
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I’m an avid listening of tech podcasts. My podcast subscription list is so large I have a backlog that in some cases stretch back a year.. sometimes two!

There are some podcasts where I do keep upto date with (MacBreak Weekly, TwiT), while there are others I dip in and out of as my time and mood dictates.

Early this year I encountered a Perl conjunction among my podcast listening which culminated in Merlin Mann shouting “Perl, Perl, Perl” in MacBreak Weekly 182: There’s An App For That.

This was the main inspiration for me to write yesterday’s post. Today’s follow up is simply to list all the Perl “related” podcasts that I listened to:

FLOSS Weekly
Opensource podcast hosted by Leo Laporte with Randal Schwartz or Chis DiBona. Below are feature episodes in this podcast series:

Linux Outlaw
Linux and opensource podcast. The following were on episodes of the podcast:

This Week In Tech
Weekly tech roundtable with Leo Laporte at the helm. Below were guests on TwiT (see yesterdays post)

I’ll finish off by mentioning a wonderful dedicated Perl podcast from the Portland Perl Mongers who provide recordings of their regular talks.


PS. I would have also like to have included Perlcast but it appears to have fallen off the web. And Perlcast twitter hasn’t been updated since May 2009 😦

Hopefully it will return in not too distant future?


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