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Doodling with Moose (intermission)

March 14, 2008
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Gosh… don’t recall WordPress munging up my code before (when using <pre> or <code>)? As soon has I tried to edit the content online it got garbled up and became messy. So as long has u don’t edit it then its fine. It’s probably why I normally do the content offline and then post it! (however I’ve had problems with that also… thats for another post!)

Anyway I wanted tart up the code and noticed that WordPress blogs comes with syntaxhighlighter Goodle Code project….

Certainly looked good but didn’t come with a Perl option ;-( (big oversight… and it appears someone as posted the necessary “data” to the project but code simply hasn’t been included!)

Anyway I used Ruby as syntax language for the Perl code and it works pretty well (no surprises!). However it didn’t format long lines correctly so had to manually put in some newlines/tabs into the code to make it look good (hence extra lines).

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