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Ohloh & Freshmeat

January 1, 2009

I decided to create an Ohloh account and add my shining new Builder CPAN module to it.

You can find me on Ohloh at and the Builder module at

Ohloh comes with some nice tools and I particular like this source code summary….

Well-commented source code

Perl-Builder is written mostly in Perl.

Across all Perl projects on Ohloh, 28% of all source code lines are comments. For Perl-Builder, this figure is 36%.

This high number of comments puts Perl-Builder among the highest one-third of all Perl projects on Ohloh.

A high number of comments might indicate that the code is well-documented and organized, and could be a sign of a helpful and disciplined development team.

*blush* 😉

Still brought right down to earth with….

Short source control history

The source code for Perl-Builder has less than a year of continuous activity, making this a relatively new project.

A short history is not necessarily a bad thing (all projects have to start somewhere!) but it can indicate an immature or volatile project.

A longer source control history would indicate that the project has enough merit to hold contributors’s interest for a long time. It might indicate a mature and relatively bug-free code base, and can be a sign of an organized, dedicated development team.

Note: The source code for Perl-Builder might actually be older than the source control history can reveal. Many projects begin by duplicating a large amount of source code from an existing, older project. You can usually tell whether this is the case by looking for a rapid rise in the amount of code early in the project’s history.


I also dug out my old Freshmeat account (last used in 2006) and uploaded Builder to Freshmeat…

The Freshmeat process isn’t as nice & silky as the Ohloh one. Ohloh is now synced with the GitHub repository so its all seamless from here on in. However Freshmeat looks like it requires me to manually update the details each time I have an update to Builder ;-(

Still saying that Freshmeat may have passed by more eyeballs as I already have a subscriber to Builder on there! Unless that was automatically added and is in fact me! Freshmeat doesn’t tell me who/what my subscribers are ;-(


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