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Patience is a virtue

October 31, 2009

For about a year I’ve put off replacing my Apple iMac with a Mac Pro until Snow Leopard arrived.

But thats nothing because I’ve been hanging on to my old, tired and very battered Sony Ericsson mobile phone while I’ve been waiting for the iPhone to eventually come to my mobile phone network

Waiting looks to have paid off because the new 27inch iMac with the Nehalem processors certainly look sweet. I even got to play with magic mouse at an Apple store the other day and have to say first impressions were very nice.

So new iMac will be a nice Xmas pressie πŸ™‚

The iPhone is a few months off yet but I can hold on a bit longer 😦

The temptation to buy a Google Android phone was strong though. It came close especially when Google announced that Perl was available for it.

Gosh having Perl on a “mobile” device brings back memories. I had Perl running on my Psion Revo PDA back in the day.

Unfortunately no Perl on the iPhone thus far… unless its jail broken!

Still perusing the iTunes App Store does show up a few things Perl. O’Reilly have “ported” quite a few of their books to the store.

Amazingly i am still an app virgin on my iPod Touch! So I thought I’d give it a go and purchase Perl Pocket Reference app.

I can’t say its this e-book is going to set my world alight but for Β£1.79 I couldn’t really go wrong and you will never know when it will come in handy.



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