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Transfixed & Iron Man

April 23, 2009

Have you read this Enlightened Perl Organisation blog post called Iron Man?

If not then please do. (Warning: strong language used)

This got me off my proverbial backside to do the following….

  • Write yesterdays blog post about tech talks before it became stale.
  • Move blog to use domain directly ($10 per year with WordPress)
  • Added transfixed URL to Perl5 Wiki Blog page.
  • Also while there added a few other Perl blogs that I knew about.
  • Cleaned up Transfixed blog categories & tags and amended all my old posts accordingly
  • Submitted Transfixed blog to Perlsphere The Perl firehose!

Now if I think I can post a blog every week then I might just enter Transfixed blog into the ring 😉


Image is by Mark Keating EPO. Seeking permission

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